Specializing in One Owner Fleet Vehicles that have always been professionally maintained & up kept for over 17 years now. We like dependable heavy duty vehicles for low prices. We were located in the Seattle area in Snohomish and have re located to Central Oregon in Gilchrist. Why pay more elsewhere? Still get the best deal! We have built a business relationship with many jurisdictions, and we buy in bulk straight from the various departments these vehicles served. We get vehicles for a lower price when we buy in bulk. We pass that savings on to our customers. We personally inspect every vehicle before offering it into our inventory. We only get vehicles we would be proud to drive. Fleet vehicles turned out to be the best decision for us. Most amount of vehicle for least amount of $$!! Like us on Facebook @ “Interceptor King Auto Sales”, and subscribe to our YouTube channel “Interceptor King.” Check our my 4.9 out of 5 star rating from our customers on our Facebook page. Our goal is to provide a quality vehicle for the lowest price possible. Have a great day!!

138312 Michigan Ave.

Gilchrist, OR

Call (425) 359 5287 if you would like to come see a vehicle we have.

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