400hp AWD Ford Police Interceptor Utility Twin Turbo 3.0L EcoBoost!

Utility Interceptor
3.0L Twin Turbos
Fuel Type:
Police Interceptor EcoBoost
Asking Price: $19,995

New body! These come in 3 packages. One is a naturally aspirated V6, one is a hybrid, and there is this one. This has the highest performance package they come with. 400 factory horsepower! 3.0L Twin Turbo EcoBoost. AWD. Always professionally maintained and up kept with 133k hwy miles. It's in excellent condition and has a full carpet kit. Don't miss out on this high performance 2020 Utility Interceptor. This Interceptor is in great shape with no known mechanical issues whatsoever. All service records available since brand new. The rear doors open from the inside and window switches also work. Aftermarket heavy duty metal rear cover that goes over the spare wheel compartment. Full size spare wheel included. Has a tow package that was used to park the "your speed" radar speed sign and speed trailer on the side of the street. Tires have good tread. New brakes recently, new tires recently, and just had a brand new windshield installed a few miles ago. Aluminum alloy Ford rims in my opinion look great on this vehicle. Good luck before it's gone. Transport to you is available if you need it, or come on over and drive it home. You can buy a programmer for this vehicle, depending on which one you get, for $300-$600 that will increase the horsepoer on this vehicle to over 500 horsepower! Just by plugging it into your OBDII diagnostic port! This vehicle handles amazing and gets the Government's #1 crash test rating so it's the safest for your family. The Police Interceptor is the only vehicle in the world with a crash test rating to be rearended by another vehicle traveling 75mph! Reinforced framing part of the 75mph crash test and prevents body roll on curvy roads at high speeds, which keeps the vehicle from pulling out of the lane.

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