AWD V8 2016 Dodge Charger

5.7L Hemi V8
Fuel Type:
Pursuit Package
Asking Price: SOLD

You can not get an AWD V8 2015 or newer Dodge Charger, or Challenger from a Dodge Dealership. They were only offered to Law Enforcement. If you go to Dodge and want an AWD Charger, all they will show you are V6's because the V8 was not offered to the general public. This is the only one on the Western half of the U.S., and probably only 5 people currently have one of these in the entire country, and I sold 3 of them. Extremely rare and impossible to get, except right here at INTERCEPTOR KING AUTO SALES. Now is your chance to be the only person around with one of these! We are 4 hours from Portland, 2 hours from Eugene, and 40 minutes south of Bend, OR. Bluetooth, rearview camera system, touchscreen, all power options, cruise, brand new cushion back seat with all proper seatbelts. Runs and drives like a brand new vehicle! We've been specializing in 1 owner Fleet Vehicles for 19 years now. This vehicle has the same horsepower as an R/T, but it's a Pursuit Package and R/T's aren't AWD in 2015+ models. The newer body Charger came out in 2015. The Pursuit Package has heavier duty wheels, tires, suspension, brakes, cooling and charging systems. All the heavy duty equipment translates into optimum performance and handling on the road, and AWD is what you need in the Northwest. This Charger has less than 37k miles, only 495 idle hours! Most amount of vehicle for least amount of $$ guaranteed!