Rare 2016 AWD V8 Charger only 18,265 miles!

Dodge Charger
Pursuit Package V8
5.7L Hemi
Fuel Type:
Asking Price: SOLD

This vehicle was only offered to Law Enforcement. You can't get an AWD V8 2015 and newer Charger from Dodge! If you go to Dodge and ask for an AWD Charger or Challenger, all they will show you is V6's. Extremely rare, never offered to the public vehicle! Now is your chance to own one that is practically a new car with only 18k miles! Good luck before it's gone! Clean title, always professionally maintained and up kept vehicle with absolutely no known mechanical issues whatsoever! The Department that gave us these vehicles get rid of their cop cars every 3 years, regardless of their mileage. If they don't spend their budget every year, they won't get the same budget for next year, and some areas have really great budgets. The way they spend their extra money is by getting brand new vehicles. They simply didn't have room for these anymore when they got their new vehicles. Runs and drives like a brand new car! Bluetooth, Rearview Camera System, keyless entry, push to start ignition, touchscreen, 370 factory horsepower 5.7L Hemi. Has only 500+ idle hours! Brand new cushion back seat with all proper seatbelts! AWD is superior. If it's wet out, icy or snowy, this vehicle will get up and go like it's dry out. It will completely outperform a higher horsepower rear wheel drive vehicle when it's wet out. Good luck before it's gone!